There is no Such Thing as Too Much Glitter – At Least That’s What I’m Telling Myself – Haul

‘Wherever she goes, she leaves a trail of glitter’ – that will be me after the haul you’re about to see.

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube tutorials where glitter has been involved, to name a few:
Desi Perkins – Copper Glitter Cut Crease
Nikkie Tutorials – Glam Sparkly Cut Crease
Jacyln Hill – Brown Glittery Smokey Eye

After deciding ‘this is it, I need glitter in my life’ I headed over to eBay to see what delights they had. I typed in ‘eye glitter’ and came across so many options of colours that I was taken aback – please make sure you don’t just buy regular glitter as this could scratch your eyes if it gets in them.img_2117

I came across an amazing deal from jackandpanky, each glitter was just £1.49 and for every 3 glitters you purchase you get 3 free! AMAZING. So as you can imagine I ended up getting 12.
The colours I went with were: #2 Gold, #28 Meteor, #42 Holographic Smoke, #32 Champagne, #25 Plum, #51 Holographic Bronze, #14 Iridescent Lilac, #4 Copper, #19 Iridescent Light Pink, #9 Pink, #26 Forest, and last but not least #48 Holographic Silver.

I did try Gold just the other day on the corner of my eyes using Mac’s Fix+ as a ‘glue’ and it looked absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to try them all out and will be sure to do a ‘Make Up of the Day’ post using them very soon.

Is there any glitter glue which you would recommend using them with?



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