Dior Addict Colour Reviver Balm in Pink – Worth the Hype?

Please tell me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure Dior were the first company to create a ‘magic balm’ that reacts with your lips natural chemistry to create a custom colour. And this shade here in Pink 001 is the original.

Now I do have a previous post on the newer shade in this range which is Coral – read my review on that one here – but the pink was the shade I was really excited to try.In the bullet it looks a babypink shade and when swatched on the skin again it looks like a more subtle pink shade. I must say with both of these balms there is a slight scent but nothing which you would notice unless you sniff it closely. The colour of this one I personally think is very flattering. It somehow makes your lips look juicy, without too much shine, full without looking like you’re wearing any lip product and smooth without being cakey on the lips.

So in a nutshell, I really like it.

The packaging of these products although plastic casing on the outside still gives that feeling to me of putting on an expensive lip balm, which technically it is (£24, feelunique.com).

There are defintely dupes of this colour reviving balm out there, such as Barry M Lip Genie which is a green lipstick that reacts to your natural lip chemistry to create a natural red tinted colour (£4.49, Boots), but I haven’t personally tried so I couldn’t comment on the differences.The Dior Addict gives a perfect colour, is moisturising for the lips and also leaves the lips with a lovely stain once the balm side has worn off. Overall I think it’s great product and when it runs out I would be tempted to repurchase. It’s already become a handbag essential.

Do you have any of the Dior Addict collection, or do you have any dupes which I could also try? Let me know.


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