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When shopping for a suitcase recently, I ended up in the beauty outlet. It’s really weird how these things happen I know. I was pleasantly surprised to see a whole wall, yes a whole wall, full of nail varnishes. Upon further inspection there were so many brands, from W7 to O.P.I, from Sinful Colours to Sally Hensen and as I’ve sure you’ve guessed from the title.. Nails Inc.

These varnishes were only £3.99. Yes, Nails Inc for under £4, can you believe it!

Now, I have a gel nail kit so I was more interested in the effects polishes that I could place over my gel colours, rather than the colours themselves.

I found this gorgeous, to die for, floral effect polish. Not only is the packaging completely eye-catching and cute – it looks like the perfect topper for a nude nail. It’s the Nails Inc Floral Street Mews and you can get one yourself on Amazon (£11.75, Amazon UK)

I applied a Bluesky gel polish in nude and over the top I placed this gorgeous polish.

It’s got hues of baby blue, pink, nude and white. It’s perfect for all year round and would look great over the top of so many different colours.

How did it apply?

If you’re after a nail topper with a bit of a difference from your usual glitter, I’d definitely recommend giving this a try.

Love, always.


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5 thoughts on “Nails Inc Floral Effects Nails

  1. This is absolutely stunning! I would love to enter a place and see a whole wall dedicated to nail polish! I will definitely be in the look out for something similar to this! Thank you for sharing, you did an amazing job on your nails!

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