Petrol Head//Oil Slick Chrome Nail Art

Chrome is everywhere these days be it mirrored, holographic or just straight up chrome finish. AND I LOVE IT. Who doesn’t?

It’s reminds me of a more wearable minx nail which was straight up metallic finish and honestly looked a little bit cheap to me. So when I went to the nail salon I said I wanted a black base with chrome powder on top.

My nail tech, who is just the best, suggested buffing and mixing different coloured chrome powders onto the nails to create an oil-slick effect, which I bloody loved the sound of! As soon as she started buffing that pigment into the nail I was in love! The finish is what I can only imagine a mermaids tail glistening in the moonlight would be like. I just think it’s to die for!

As soon as I had finished getting my nails done she said next time she did her own infills she was going to do exactly the same effect because she’d also fallen in love with the look of my nails. I couldn’t stop staring at them for about 2 days, they are just beautiful.

Do you love them?

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25 thoughts on “Petrol Head//Oil Slick Chrome Nail Art

  1. Love them! It’s like you have different manicure under different lights. I like experimenting with chrome powders but I often add some plain nail polish (dots, stripes). This one doesn’t need anything else.

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