Fancy A Vegan Oatcake Duck?

If you’re from stoke or know stoke, you’ll know that nothing. I repeat. Nothing, beats an oatcake. Whether you eat it with cheese, sausages, beans or you eat it sweet, the staffordshire oatcake is what it’s about! The ones in the shops around where I live tend not to be vegan and even if they […]

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Will I Ever Eat Meat Again?

No. It’s a question I think as a vegan or vegetarian you’ll always get asked. The classic ‘but don’t you miss bacon?’ is my favourite. Especially when I tell people I never liked it anyway. Honestly, for me giving up meat wasn’t hard because I was never a big meat eater anyway. I’ve never had […]

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Veganuary: You Are What You Eat

Today’s post is going to be all about the life of a farmed pig. In the UK alone, 9 million piglets are born for meat production and for many of them, their life won’t be how they’d ever imagined. The natural life of a pig. Pigs are known to be very similar to dogs. They […]

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