Good Things Come To Those Who Hustle

At the start of the year I made the decision to just go for it with my illustrations. I’ve always been a very creative person but have tended to stick to calligraphy type art, rather than actual pictures of things. Without sounded big headed, I know I can draw so thought, why not give it […]

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Be The Girl Who Just Went For It

Whether you’re thinking of starting a blog, a new job, you’re having a career change or maybe like me, you’ve had your blog for 5 years and want to change it up. Well, this motivational speech is for you! Last year I was going through major mind block. I had a lot going on in […]

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My Blogging Tips & Motivation

I’ve been blogging for four years now (I think) and although I have a steady following, I know that being motivated to write posts or continuing the blog when things just don’t seem to be growing can be hard. It’s so so important to remember that you don’t write a blog for people to follow […]

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