From My Head Tomatoes

Aside from them helping create the best pun ever, tomatoes are also one of my favourite foods. Everyone says, you’re either a creamy food person or a spicy food person and I am definitely the latter. This means a lot of sauces for meals I have use tomatoes as a base, I also love eating […]

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Veganuary: Watch (These Documentaries) & Learn

I think a lot of people are very naive about what really happens to put their meat on their plate. They also may not know how it fully effects their health, the environment and of course, the animals. In this post, I’m going to recommend some documentaries to watch to either educate you about the […]

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Veganuary: Wear Your Own Skin, Not Theirs

It’s an absolute lie that leather is just a by-product of the meat industry. Many animals are farmed for your leather bag, shoes or jacket. They’re not the animals you may think either, so be sure to read on. Leather in the UK. The UK leather industry is worth billions of pounds each year. This […]

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