Veganuary: Do You Get Enough Protein?

It’s the age old question that every vegan and for that matter, vegetarian gets asked day to day. As my husband rightly said, people ask this question but could they actually tell you how much protein is in the food their eating? Also, do they even know how much they need. I’m here to tell […]

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The Vegan Kind: November Lifestyle Box

New month, new snacks and even a new face, as the little brother of the family Cooper joins in to have his say! Make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe – I’d really appreciate it! Love, always – B

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SourcedBox Sunday: May Edition

I get so excited each month when my Sourcedbox arrives! It’s a great way of eating healthy snacks without having to hunt for them in the supermarket or health food shop. Over 10 snacks each month straight to your door for only £18.95 (SourcedBox). What more could you ask for? For those who haven’t seen […]

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