Sassy, Simple & Cute

For this week’s fashion post, there’s a few different outfit occasions – hence the title. You’ve got my sassy party look (which I actually ended up putting tights on with cause it was WAY too cold out) and a couple of casual day looks – although they both put out different styles. I also finally […]

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Dior Addict Colour Reviver Balm in Pink – Worth the Hype?

Please tell me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure Dior were the first company to create a ‘magic balm’ that reacts with your lips natural chemistry to create a custom colour. And this shade here in Pink 001 is the original. Now I do have a previous post on the newer shade in this […]

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Dior Addict Lip Glow in Coral – Glorified Lip Balm?

Ever since I saw numerous people on Youtube and beauty blogs using these lip glows religiously I thought as I went on holiday (hello duty free), I’d treat myself. As, let’s be honest this is essentially a sheer lip balm, or is it? So, what exactly is it? Dior describes this lip product as ‘a […]

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