Prodigy Coconut Cahoot Bar

If you’ve been looking for a vegan bounty alternative (touchy subject I know as a lot of people don’t like coconut) then look no further. This bar is perfect to get your fix of something sweet without being too naughty. Prodigy are known for their no refined sugar chocolate bars, that still taste like you’re […]

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Prodigy Chunky Chocolate Bar

I recently discovered Prodigy thanks to receiving one of their peanut caramel cahoot bars in one of my The Vegan Kind boxes. You can see the full review on that chocolate bar here: Prodigy Peanut Caramel Cahoot. Heads up, it’s like a mars and snickers in one, but vegan. After eating that bar I went […]

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Prodigy Peanut Caramel Cahoots

One of my favourite parts of every month is getting my The Vegan Kind box in the post. There’s always some good treats in there and if you want to see everything I got in my May box, make sure to check out my post on it here: May The Vegan Kind Unboxing. When I […]

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