Superdrug Haul: Essential Skincare

All at once it seems as though all your skincare is coming to an end. As upsetting as this is, it does mean that you can make a trip to repurchase and discover new items for your routine. On my recent trip to superdrug here is what I found and purchased.. Repurchase: B. Clean Melting […]

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Night Time Skincare Routine: How to Make Products Work for You

I truly believe in allowing skincare do it’s job and this is why I have an indepth night time rather than morning routine. This way I can allow the products to sit on my skin over night and do their magic, so here’s what I do, step-by-step.. Skin Type: Mostly Dry/Normal but prone to oily […]

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Bruno’s Beauty Routine.

Call me crazy but it’s actually part of being a pug owner. There are essential things that I have to do everyday to ensure that my little Bruno doesn’t get any nasty skin or ear infections. Now as you all know, pugs have wrinkly faces. As cute as their faces are this does mean that […]

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