Veganuary: Cows Scream Louder than Carrots

Of course, I love all animals but I really do hold a very large soft spot for cows. I tear up just thinking about them and make sure to wave at them anytime I go past a field full of them. After all, it costs nothing to show a bit of kindness does it? I […]

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Veganuary: You’re Not a Baby Cow & The Effects of Dairy

Milk and the production of milk is honestly, one of the main reasons I went veggie in the first place. After I first watched Cowspiracy (a documentary that I’ll talk about in a post later in the month), I stopped drinking milk and eating cheese altogether. It did end up creeping back in, but the […]

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2016-2017 Tag: What will this year bring?

I enjoy doing these kind of posts, I feel like it’s a way for you guys to get to know me, not just see what makeup is on my face. It’s more personal and a great way to get a greater connection with you. You are all beautiful people inside and out, don’t every let […]

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