Dog Colouring In Pages

Let’s not get into it too much because my goodness, we’ll be here all day but a lot of us are at home at the moment. Kids, elderly, spouses, parents, teenagers – we’ll all getting itchy feet wanting to be out and doing things. Thanks to the world, this isn’t happening! Me and a dog […]

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I’ve Been Watching Too Much RuPaul… Makeup Tutorial

I’ve been working nights recently so wearing makeup has been a thing of non-existence. It’s also meant watching a whole three seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race in less than 72 hours and with RuPaul comes great creativity. I was craving putting on a shit ton of makeup and ‘beating that face’. What better makeup look […]

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The Ultimate Face Kit for £2.40.. (yes you read that correctly)

240 pennies doesn’t really get you much these days. But if you find one of these rare beauties in your local superdrug store I would snap one up fast, no matter your skin tone as they are an amazing addition to any make up lovers collection. Now to my knowledge this kit comes in a […]

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