Sassy, Simple & Cute

For this week’s fashion post, there’s a few different outfit occasions – hence the title. You’ve got my sassy party look (which I actually ended up putting tights on with cause it was WAY too cold out) and a couple of casual day looks – although they both put out different styles. I also finally […]

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At Home Christmas Manicure

There’s no nail colour that screams festive more than red and when it’s combined with glitter, you’ve got every corner covered. Now if like me, you either can’t afford or haven’t got time to get some fancy nail art that you’ve seen on Pinterest and you’re not necessarily equipped to have a go at home, […]

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HRH Collection – Chokers 

The key to having a loyal and supportive following is being yourself. If you stay true to you, then you’ll never have to question what you blog about or showcase online. This lesson I have learnt from Alex at HRH Collection. I started watching Alex over 3 years ago and she has fast become of […]

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