The Perfect Pear

Do you see what I did there? I bloody love a good food pun but on a more serious (well, not too serious) note, let’s talk pears! I’ll be completely honest. they’re not a fruit I ever go out of my way to buy in the supermarkets but I should definitely buy them more often […]

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Eat Beans Not Beings

Beans are great as a source of fiber and also protein. They’re a great way to add substance into your meal with lots of great health benefits. So let’s discuss why eating beans is so great! Nutrition. From kidney beans, to black beans and even pinto beans they’re filled with vitamins, minerals and nutritional content. […]

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Veganuary: Watch (These Documentaries) & Learn

I think a lot of people are very naive about what really happens to put their meat on their plate. They also may not know how it fully effects their health, the environment and of course, the animals. In this post, I’m going to recommend some documentaries to watch to either educate you about the […]

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