It’s A Conspiracy

Who else refreshed their browsers, phones, tablets and everything inbetween for two and a half hours to get their hands on this? I honestly think it’s the most talked about makeup of the year. Maybe it’s all just one big conspiracy? Shane X Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette (£48, Beauty Bay) Either way, I needed this […]

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The Ultimate YouTuber Eye Shadow Palette

I feel like whenever a YouTuber brings out a collaboration eye shadow palette, the whole beauty world goes crazy and it becomes so overrated, sells out within hours and we see 10,000 different videos on YouTube about it. This palette however is different. Chloe Morello, by far my favourite YouTuber out there. She’s Australian, she’s […]

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I’ve Been Watching Too Much RuPaul… Makeup Tutorial

I’ve been working nights recently so wearing makeup has been a thing of non-existence. It’s also meant watching a whole three seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race in less than 72 hours and with RuPaul comes great creativity. I was craving putting on a shit ton of makeup and ‘beating that face’. What better makeup look […]

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