I Followed a Sarah’s Day Baking Video..

Surprisingly, cooking and baking is actually a skill of mine. It just so happens every time I film it, it all seems to go horribly wrong.. maybe we should try a whole what I eat in a day next? Want to try and do a better job than me? Ingredients; 2 cups desiccated coconut 1/2 […]

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What I Eat In a Day – Vegan Roast Fail

This again is something completely different for me, much like the travel blogs that have recently gone live. When I’m watching YouTube I’m forever watching the likes of GraceFitUK, Naturally Stephanie and Rachel Ama to name a few. I just love the lifestyle videos where you get to see what people are eating, hopefully get […]

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Primark P.S. Pro Oval Brush…

You’ll know if you read my blog that my last Primark beauty buy was an absolute fail. If you’d like to read about that, you can find it here. This time I decided to go for one of the ‘artis’ style oval brushes. They one I chose was a size which would be suitable for […]

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