Being Nice Costs Nothing

I think in the current circumstances that we’re under now, this phrase means more than it ever has. No matter who you’re speaking to, whether you know them, no matter what they look like or if they’re someone that’s just doing their job, it costs absolutely nothing to be nice. I appreciate that we can […]

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This is probably gonna be a deep post, but it’s all in a good place and will let you in on me and how I’m feeling a bit more. It sounds really silly to say it out loud but imma say it anyway, since I got married I’ve felt more me than ever. Time. Any […]

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Veganuary: Fish Have Feelings Too

I’ve heard a lot of people recently say that ‘they don’t care about fish’ or ‘fish don’t have feelings’ and honestly, 7 years ago I used to be the same. Before I became even a vegetarian, I stopped eating meat but not fish as I used to think it was okay. I soon realised it […]

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