Food Facts: H

I feel like we’re having so many big, long list days with food or hardly any at all. For H, we’re kind of in the middle but there is one of my favourite foods on this list.. can you guess which one it is? Previous days;A / B / C / D / E / […]

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Food Facts: A

Last month, we delved into everything Veganuary and I *think* you all loved the content that was being put out. So I thought, why stop there? Let’s make this journey carry on and what better way than talk through some nutritional information and meal ideas, to get your tastebuds flowing. As I couldn’t think of […]

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‘Little’ Boots Haul..

Not that I ever need an excuse to nip into Boots, but at least I had a valid one this time. I had a voucher to use, and my goodness, I was fast to use it. I went in knowing 2 things I wished to get, the rest, well the rest just kinda happened.. ooops. […]

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