Food Facts: G

Welcome back to another day of food facts. Today we’re going to be delving into the letter G, which certainly has more food items that the few previous days. A / B / C / D / E / F Fruits. Grapes– Polyphenols: offer protection against disease and environmental damage– Thiamine: allows the body to […]

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Food Facts: B

From vitamins, minerals and getting your daily fiber, if you don’t know exactly what’s in your food, how do you know what you need to eat? Well, look no further. I’m creating for you an alphabet guide of all the fruits, nuts, grains, legumes and vegetables you could need to know about. With some cute […]

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SourcedBox Sunday: April Edition

Spring has arrived and my goodness, am I feeling it with this months box. I was super impressed when I opened this April edition to find 12, yes that’s right, 12 SNACKS. Ooooooooh yeah. In regards to last months box, you can see what was in it here – Sourcedbox Sunday – March Edition. My favourite […]

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