One In A Melon

Watermelon is one my favourite snacks, especially during the summertime. Although they’re a pain to cut up and store, it’s so worth it for the taste, as well as the nutritious benefits. Hydration. If you haven’t guessed from the name, watermelon has a high water content as it’s around 90% water. This helps to keep […]

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The Perfect Pear

Do you see what I did there? I bloody love a good food pun but on a more serious (well, not too serious) note, let’s talk pears! I’ll be completely honest. they’re not a fruit I ever go out of my way to buy in the supermarkets but I should definitely buy them more often […]

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Mitch’s Kitchen Gardener’s Pie

I was lucky enough to be approached by Mitch & Shirin after they saw and loved my illustrations on Instagram. Part of running my blog/insta is of course, drawing food and reviewing it. They were kind enough to send me some meals in exchange for a couple of drawings, which of course I was happy […]

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