Personalised Champagne Print: For Anniversarys and Birthdays

After recently being asked for a wine bottle commission to commemorate someone’s anniversary, it got me thinking about how I could incorporate this idea into my shop and what better way to start than with a champagne bottle? After all, everyone (well, most people) love a bit of Moet and let’s be honest, Moet is […]

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Bob & Polly

One of my favourite things to do is draw your pets. Cats especially are such beautiful creatures to draw and I was absolutely thrilled when someone I used to work with a few years back got in touch to ask me to draw her two cats. Bob & Polly. Bob, as I’m sure you can […]

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The Banana Guide

Anyone who’s close to me knows I’m a little bit obsessed with bananas. I have at least one a day and loooove anything that’s got banana in it. Think banana loaf, banana cake, banana ice cream, banana muffins – anything! I thought it would be a great idea to make a banana guide, showcasing all […]

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