Aldi’s Moser Roth Dark Mint Chocolate

As a vegan, different types of chocolate that aren’t going to cost you a fortune are limited, especially if you just want to pick something up whilst doing your weekly shop. My friends, I have found a dark mint chocolate that is not only affordable but it tastes so bloody good, that you’d think it […]

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You’re not going to believe it when I tell you this but this portrait I got asked to do is of a 20 year old cat. 20 years old and still going strong, how amazing is that! Jake is a gorgeous champagne beige furred cat and he was a pleasure to draw. Jake. For this […]

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Eat Your Vegetables Day

We have so many national days and today, Wednesday 17th June is eat your vegetables day. Now I’d like to think you all eat vegetables anyway, but this post is just going to be about why vegetables are so important for our nutrition along with what they provide. Who knows, maybe you’ll start eating more […]

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