Wing Liner and Coral Lips – Perfect Summer Makeup Look

I’d like to say, it’s officially Summer (I mean we’ve had a fair bit of sun, so let’s just announce it as is). When it comes to Summer, I’m all about the bronze skin, the lighter makeup application and the brighter lip. So today I’m gonna show you how my current go-to makeup look – […]

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Simply Green with Envy – Eye Makeup Tutorial

If you’re anything like me, I stick to the usual neutral shades when doing my eye makeup. However, I recently got some new Makeup Geek shadows (Make Up Geek Eyeshadow Haul – OMG) which have made me want to try and add more colour to my everyday eye routine. I created this look to combine […]

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Tanya Burr Made Me Buy It – Antique Velvet MAC Lipstick

Youtube is my hobby, not making videos or commenting on others though I probably should try doing that more, but simply watching it. If it was an olympic sport I would definitely make the semi-finals at least. Recently I was watching Tanya Burr, who can I just say has evolved into an absolute unique beauty […]

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