This is probably gonna be a deep post, but it’s all in a good place and will let you in on me and how I’m feeling a bit more. It sounds really silly to say it out loud but imma say it anyway, since I got married I’ve felt more me than ever. Time. Any […]

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Beauty Kitchen Natruline

If you go or try and go full vegan, you’ll find that the everyday essentials you typically grab, become something you need to replace. For many people, vaseline is something that’s just a quick grab and go. It can be used to keep the lips moist, hydrate patchy skin on the body and even on […]

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The Vegan Kind: October Lifestyle Box

In my transition to becoming 100% plant-based, these lifestyle boxes from The Vegan Kind are the perfect way to snack, without feeling guilty for my choices. To sign up for your boxes, head over to their website here >> The Vegan Kind For £5 off your first order just use the code: VEGAN. Let me […]

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