Focus Your Energy On The Good Stuff

I’m guilty of thinking about the bad stuff all the time. Whether it’s what’s going on in my own life, with those close to me or just the world in general. I think quite recently, everywhere you look has been full of all the bad things that are happening. Whether it’s how many people have […]

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You Are Enough

In the world in which we live, surrounded by people from friends and family showing what they’re doing to celebrities raving about their latest achievements it’s very hard to not compare yourself to others. Whether it’s in terms of hair colour, fitness, what they’re eating, academically or even in terms of buying a house it’s […]

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A Little Bit of Monday Motivation

Monday. It’s the start of the week for most of us and usually means a full 5 days at work before we can enjoy the weekend. This is the perfect reason to pep ourselves up and get ready for what the week throws at us. For this reason, I wanted to add a little motivation […]

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