We Will Blossom Again

In these uncertain times, we need to all make sure we’re sticking together and being as positive as we can. I was on a walk just the other day and saw all the blossoms on the trees. It made me think. Although it may seem in winter that all the trees are bare, with no […]

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Veganuary: The Strongest Animals are Powered By Plants

How many times have you heard a meat eater say their diet gives them strength or makes them build muscle? Not every, but many men think eating a carnivorous diet makes them more ‘manly’. Essentially, a lot of people are under the misconception that to be strong, healthy and build muscle, you need to be […]

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Things Are Changing Around Here

Wow, it’s been a while. I’d almost forgotten how to do this. So let’s start with the why I’ve been away for so long. I got married. Not only that, I spent an amazing two weeks on my honeymoon in Africa. Something I’ll definitely be updating you on soon. In addition, there’ll be many different […]

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