Fancy A Vegan Oatcake Duck?

If you’re from stoke or know stoke, you’ll know that nothing. I repeat. Nothing, beats an oatcake. Whether you eat it with cheese, sausages, beans or you eat it sweet, the staffordshire oatcake is what it’s about! The ones in the shops around where I live tend not to be vegan and even if they […]

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New Single Shadows and Holographic Z Palette

Since I got my first Z Palette a couple of years ago, I’ve loved the idea of creating my own eyeshadow palette with shades that I enjoy. I’ll be honest, as my first one was a large palette, it was quite overwhelming thinking to myself – well I’m never going to fill this. And before […]

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Make Up Geek Eyeshadow Haul – OMG

Why is it always the case that whenever you get gifted make up products, although something you would never probably pick for yourself, you completely fall in love with them and get annoyed at yourself for overlooking them in the past. So yeah, that’s just happened to me. I was kindly gifted Make Up Geek […]

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