Boho Bronzed Glam

We’ve got upcoming festivals, summer party’s and for some of us (me) a whole lot of weddings – including my own! I find that a bronzed look just goes with everything, no matter the occasion or what you’re wearing. Here I’ve created a glam, yet subtle, makeup look which oozes bronzed goddess vibes. It’s the […]

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Sassy, Simple & Cute

For this week’s fashion post, there’s a few different outfit occasions – hence the title. You’ve got my sassy party look (which I actually ended up putting tights on with cause it was WAY too cold out) and a couple of casual day looks – although they both put out different styles. I also finally […]

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My Current Hair Care Routine

Whether it’s washing your hair, styling your hair or tying it up for the day. It’s something that we all do each day, week, month and personally, something I don’t really think too much about. Recently, now that my hairs started to grow a lot more and I’m starting to feel much happier with it, […]

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