Pink Hair, Don’t Care

Just over 18 months ago I decided it was time to start caring for my hair. I know this may sound strange, but what I mean is find a hairdresser that gets me, start with regular trimming (so my hair can grow) and colour my hair in a way that isn’t damaging. So did you […]

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Oopsy Daisy

Do you ever fancy doing something a little different with your nails but don’t have the creative flare of all the amazing nail technicians you see on Instagram? Yeah, me too! I find that although I’m a creative person, working with nail varnish isn’t ideal. It quickly bleeds into other shades and when you’re trying […]

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Neon Floral Nail Art – AT HOME!

Nail art is a super cute way to add something extra to your look. It’s a bit like when you’re wearing a all black outfit and add a bright lip for that pop of colour. It’s never easy to do nail art on yourself, especially on the hand that you usually write with but thanks […]

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