Veganuary: Eat Your Own Babies

Sheep are one of the most sought after animals by farmers. This is as they can make them a lot of money from wool, milk and of course lamb. This post will take you through how sheep would live if they weren’t being farmed, as well as what happens when they are. Natural life. Sheep […]

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Veganuary: You Are What You Eat

Today’s post is going to be all about the life of a farmed pig. In the UK alone, 9 million piglets are born for meat production and for many of them, their life won’t be how they’d ever imagined. The natural life of a pig. Pigs are known to be very similar to dogs. They […]

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The Ultimate Vegan Chocolate Brownies

The perfect brownie is a bit gooey, very chocolatey but not too sickly-sweet. As brownies heavily rely on eggs and milky chocolate to get this kind of yummy texture and finish, it took me a while to find the perfect recipe to recreate this without any animal based products. I took inspiration from this amazing […]

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