Does It Work?: Simply Pure Leave On Water Mask

I’ve always been a big fan of Superdrug skincare. They have a great ethic of cruelty-free products and 99% of them are also suitable for us veggies and vegans out there. Recently, my skin’s been going mad on me. It’s been super dry, a bit blotchy and extremely sensitive. Due to this fact, I’ve cut […]

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Rip ’em out. Unclogging Pore Charcoal Mask. Worth the Hype?

It’s all the craze recently to pull every blocked pore full of crap out of your face, I’m on board. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing all that stuff on the ripped out pore strip, so when charcoal masks started entering the spotlight. I knew I needed to buy one. Now I’m currently on a […]

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