The ‘I’m Not Sick’ Makeup Look

There’s nothing worse that being ill. Not only do you feel under the weather, your immune system also takes it out on your skin and honestly, that’s just not fair. When you’re feeling tired, grumpy and basically like shit, all you want to do is crawl into your pj’s.. but no, work awaits (or school). […]

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Summer is Coming

A little bit of sun and I feel like the whole country goes into Summer mode, well I know that I do. I live for the warmer months and in turn, glowy and bronzed makeup. Seen as we’ve had the teeniest bit of sunshine, I thought I’d show you my current go to makeup that’s […]

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Summer Cocktail Eyes – Makeup Tutorial

It’s getting so close to Summer that I can almost taste the cocktails and barbecue evenings and I know it’s not only me that’s getting excited. When it comes to Summer I think we can start bringing out the bolder and brighter colours. What better way to do it than making a yummy orange and […]

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