Fresh & Glowy

With the weather getting warmer day by day, I’ve started thinking more about fashion and less about what makeup to wear. Due to this, my makeup’s started to look a lot lighter, glowy and really fresh looking – something that I’m not complaining about. If I do decide to wear a less colourful outfit, I’ll […]

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Lazy Girl Makeup

There are some days where you really can’t be bothered to do anything, especially your makeup. But on the other hand, you still want to look put together and like you’ve made an effort (when deep down, you know you haven’t even tried). After seeing Jamie Genevieve’s Lazy Girl Makeup and Hair tutorial, I knew […]

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Bubblegum Lips

Back when I was a teenager, a bubblegum pink lip was my go-to. Especially if it ‘chalked’ out my lips a little – oh those were the days right!? These days, I still enjoy a pink lip, but I tend to lean towards the more muted slightly brown-toned ones. As I assume most of us […]

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