Mitch’s Kitchen Gardener’s Pie

I was lucky enough to be approached by Mitch & Shirin after they saw and loved my illustrations on Instagram. Part of running my blog/insta is of course, drawing food and reviewing it. They were kind enough to send me some meals in exchange for a couple of drawings, which of course I was happy […]

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In Support of Deliciously Ella

I recently saw a post from Deliciously Ella to say that Ella and her husband have made the decision to temporarily close their little deli in London. They’ve noticed a drop in customers and with COVID-19 in the air (quite literally) they couldn’t see it getting any better. For this reason, in support of Ella, […]

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Beauty Kitchen Natruline

If you go or try and go full vegan, you’ll find that the everyday essentials you typically grab, become something you need to replace. For many people, vaseline is something that’s just a quick grab and go. It can be used to keep the lips moist, hydrate patchy skin on the body and even on […]

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