Mitch’s Kitchen Gardener’s Pie

I was lucky enough to be approached by Mitch & Shirin after they saw and loved my illustrations on Instagram. Part of running my blog/insta is of course, drawing food and reviewing it. They were kind enough to send me some meals in exchange for a couple of drawings, which of course I was happy […]

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In Support of Deliciously Ella

I recently saw a post from Deliciously Ella to say that Ella and her husband have made the decision to temporarily close their little deli in London. They’ve noticed a drop in customers and with COVID-19 in the air (quite literally) they couldn’t see it getting any better. For this reason, in support of Ella, […]

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Doisy & Dam: Good Eggs

I find that when you’ve gone vegan, you still crave stuff you used to have. Not necessarily for the non vegan aspects of the product but more so for something that’s a vegan version of what you used to have. For me during the Easter period, all I can think about is creme eggs and […]

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