Veganuary: Not Your Honey

For vegans, it’s not only that meat isn’t consumed, there’s also no consumption of animal derived products such as milk and also honey. In this post I’ll tell you more about how the making of the honey you buy exploits bees and also vegan alternatives. What is honey? Honey is a sweet thick golden liquid […]

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Veganuary: Eat Your Own Babies

Sheep are one of the most sought after animals by farmers. This is as they can make them a lot of money from wool, milk and of course lamb. This post will take you through how sheep would live if they weren’t being farmed, as well as what happens when they are. Natural life. Sheep […]

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Veganuary: Spread The Word

Whether it’s sharing a post on Instagram, letting someone know the answer to a question they have about veganism or starting the conversation about it – spread the word. Now there’s a very fine line between offering opinions and facts and being preachy about veganism. I know a lot of people, including myself, are very […]

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