Veganuary: Do You Get Enough Protein?

It’s the age old question that every vegan and for that matter, vegetarian gets asked day to day. As my husband rightly said, people ask this question but could they actually tell you how much protein is in the food their eating? Also, do they even know how much they need. I’m here to tell […]

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I Followed a Sarah’s Day Baking Video..

Surprisingly, cooking and baking is actually a skill of mine. It just so happens every time I film it, it all seems to go horribly wrong.. maybe we should try a whole what I eat in a day next? Want to try and do a better job than me? Ingredients; 2 cups desiccated coconut 1/2 […]

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The Vegan Kind: October Lifestyle Box

In my transition to becoming 100% plant-based, these lifestyle boxes from The Vegan Kind are the perfect way to snack, without feeling guilty for my choices. To sign up for your boxes, head over to their website here >> The Vegan Kind For £5 off your first order just use the code: VEGAN. Let me […]

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