The Best Summer Accessory: Sunglasses and Lipstick

Summer rolls around and the first thing I reach for is my bright lipsticks and my collection of sunglasses. There’s nothing that I think screams out summer more than a bright pink lip and here is my favourite combination of the two.

Raybans, RB 3025’s Large Metal Aviators (£153, Rayban)
Candy Yum Yum Lipstick (£15.50, MAC Cosmetics)

If I’m out and about wearing sunglasses all day it’s very rare I will put anything on my eyes. What’s the point as no-ones gonna see them, know what I mean? So, today I’ve simply used my contour powders and bronzers to create a shadow on my eyelids and put on lashings of mascara alongside using a khol black liner to define my tightline and waterline.

So simple and effective for the summer months.

What’s your favourite bright summer lipstick?


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