WTF?! Self Heating Chocolate Orange Face Mask

Yes you did hear that correctly. A face mask that heats up on your face! When I saw this in Superdrug I had no choice but to purchase it, all in the name of research, right?You may have seen my past 7th Heaven Face Masks post. I enjoy to use face masks probably once a week, and the 7th heaven ones are my favourites as they are all natural and cruelty-free – I don’t like the thought of nasties going onto my face. When I needed to restock I decided I would try out some new ones and as many of you probably know, Superdrug prides themselves on cruelty-free products so this was where I ended up.

This Chocolate Orange one just screamed out to me, not only because I’ve never tried a self-heating mask before but because it said it was most suitable for dry skin, along with pulling out any impurities. Two big thumbs up on this from me.

I only purchased this today, amazing price, (99p, Superdrug) and I am already currently sat here with it on my face. The instructions say to wet your face with warm water and to not rinse it off and apply the mask avoiding the eye and lip area.

Wow, when you start putting this mask on the heat is hot, hot, hot. Not in an uncomfortable way, but in a shocking, I didn’t expect it to really be that hot, kinda way. But it’s a nice sensation. Once it is applied to the face you must leave it for around 15minutes before rinsing off.The mask doesn’t dry down, it stays quite runny and shiny. But once off, the skin is left feeling very soft, moisture replenished and very fresh feeling. I enjoyed this mask and would definitely use it again. I can’t wait to try the rest which I purchased..


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  1. As soon as I saw “chocolate orange” I thought of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges. It doesn’t help that the mask looks edible too. But a self-heating mask is an interesting concept.

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