You Can’t Control Shit Except Your State Of Mind

I think it’s very important to remember that the way you feel very much comes down to you and you alone. Whether something’s upset you, angered you or made you happy, it’s your decision to let it affect you and in turn, your mood.

I’m extremely guilty of letting one little thing happen, taking it personally and feeling like shit or on some occasion, letting it put me in a bad mood for the whole day. I think sometimes it’s good to have a ‘bad day’ as I think it can make you appreciate the good so much more and after all, no ones in a good mood everyday. There’s way too much that goes on in life that means that’s never going to happen.

During lock down I’ve had a lot of up and downs. Some which I’ve spoken to about to friends and family and some lows which I’ve just kept to myself, as I just don’t want to get the ‘sympathy’ card, that’s not really me as a person. On almost all occasions, if I was feeling down I know I could quite easily come out of by just choosing to, but instead I’ve wallowed for a little, been quiet or just a bit grumpy, cause after all I’m human.

Learn to not let it get to you.

For this week and weeks going forward I’m going to try and not let the little things affect my mood so much by simply choosing to not let it get to me as I do now. After all, what good is it going to do me if I let one little comment, situation or action ruin my mood for the day. Absolutely no good at all.

I’m very aware that a lot of people may not have the right mindset to simply let it go and I appreciate that it’s not that easy for them. So if that is you, please understand that I can only imagine your situation and hope this post maybe just makes you see that everyone has lows at times and that’s okay.

So, if you’re able, who’s going to have a better state of mind with me today? Say aye in the comments!

Love, always – B
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